W3C Matrix list of all specifications.

Do you validate your markup? How about your CSS? What about accessibility guidelines? Validating your code against the W3C validators can save time in creating cross-browser applications.

The W3C offers a QA matrix of popular specifications that the standards body recommends.

The list includes both recommendations and those specs that are in the working draft and get hired

The W3C (aka World Wide Web Consortium) is the standards organization for web development on the Internet. Some of…

Javascript reserved word name collision when calling a form button “submit” and a function “submit”.

Took me a google search to find this one, but for some reason, one of my forms was not submitting using javascript. Find news on SanJose

The reason was the statement “formObj.submit();” in the javascript was colliding (resulting in ambiguity within the browser) with the form button, which was also named “submit”.


<input type=”submit” name=”submit” value=”Login”>

Change the name of the button to “login” or something else more reflective of it’s functionality instead of “submit”.


function submitForm(formId) {

var formObj = document.getElementById(formId);




<a href=”http://www.homepage.com"

onclick=”submitForm(‘loginForm’); return false”>Login</a>

<form id=”loginForm”>

<input type=”submit” name=”login” value=”Login”>

Your online guide basenotes

Ruby on Rails sorting and ordering

Three examples of how to sort and order things using Ruby on Rails.

Example 1: Writing your own sort routine

I originally tried ’sort_by’, but that only works for existing attributes and appears in only one direction.

My ‘is_default’ attribute is set up as a boolean and is almost always false, except where I define an image…

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